Dune: Part Two


March is a wasteland for film — the place bad movies go to die after being rejected by the Academy and the box office. Every once in a while, though, March brings something special. This year, it brought us Dune: Part Two. Not only is Dune 2 an early Oscar contender, it’s grossed more than $700 million worldwide. Naturally, we’re here to talk about it.

Dune: Part One was released in 2021 to widespread acclaim. Director Denis Villeneuve carved out a niche for himself in science fiction with Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, but adapting Dune was his lifelong dream. Mission accomplished. Villeneuve assembled an incredible cast and crew to bring his vision to life, and the results speak for themselves. Dune 2 is a cinematic achievement of the highest caliber, improving on its predecessor and earning a place alongside the classics of the genre. See it on the biggest screen possible and thank us later.

Join Jon and returning guest Dan Baker as they discuss their favorite moments from the Oscars, the difference between the novel and the movies, Dan’s fake IMAX experience, why spice matters, the flawless production design, Jon’s mispronunciations, Timothée Chalamet’s boyish manliness, Austin Butler’s perfect villain, filming in the desert, Denis Villeneuve’s achilles heel, when religion meets politics, flawed Messiahs, Christians worshipping the Empire, and why the greatest stories share themes with the Greatest story.