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Write for us

Current Submission Topic:

General film articles and current movie reviews. Occasionally we will ask for submissions on specific topics. But not today.

Writing for Cinema Faith (Unpaid)

Like many small sites, Cinema Faith is volunteer-run. None of our writers receive compensation for their work. We are always accepting submissions, and we’d love to add your voice to our site as a guest writer. Again — this is unpaid. Typically our articles run between 900 and 2,000 words. See our guidelines below for more details.

Writing Guidelines for Unpaid Work

  • Write with a perspective. Your work is more likely to catch our interest if it is saying something substantive in a unique way.
  • We accept movie reviews with a single letter grade score. In your review pick a few specific areas of the film to analyze. Check out Hereditary, I Can Only Imagine, and The Green Pastures for good examples.
  • We accept articles about film. An article is not a review but uses film as a jumping off point to talk about something related. Check out a piece on Terrence Malick or immigration in District 9 or the theology of The Shack.
  • We focus on film critique from a Christian perspective. You’re welcome to come at film from a variety of angles, but our lens is always through Christianity in the end (that’s a film metaphor!).
  • Cultural analysis is preferred over devotional or first-person stories (unless you’re reviewing an event like a film festival).
  • Tell us a little about yourself and why you’d like to write for us. A few sentences are fine.
  • Submit two or three articles/reviews for consideration to submissions@cinemafaith.com with the subject line SUBMISSION.

Please Note:

  • We do not have time to respond to every submission.
  • We publish original content but will also consider previously released material. We will not hold exclusive rights to your work.
  • We do not accept sponsored posts or links.
  • All articles will be edited for clarity and length. By submitting your work you agree to participate in the editing process with one of our editors.