Civil War


Releasing Civil War in an election year could have been irresponsible, but Alex Garland knows better. The writer/director, best known for Ex Machina, has crafted a sober warning to America. Is anyone still listening?

The trailer reeked of big-budget exploitation, but the real Civil War is anything but. It feels more like an indie that happens to have a $50 million budget. We follow four journalists on a trek through dystopia as they make their way to Washington to interview the president. Garland wisely drops us in the middle of the fight with no party to blame. This isn’t a movie about politics; it’s a movie about the press. It’s also a disturbing glimpse of a future we still have the power to prevent.

Join Jon and Tim as they discuss releasing Civil War in an election year, Cinema Faith fans in the Ukraine, the return of the Godless kids show, Dan Baker’s relief pitching, the first photographed war, Alex Garland’s career, Tim’s Jim Carrey phase, Kirsten Dunst acting her age, listening to how people feel, saving the country by subscribing to newspapers, loving our neighbor across the divide, and how to be peacemakers in a violent world.