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Midsommar ritual



Think back to a time in your life when you were going through a breakup — or, if not a breakup, then the unpleasant end of some meaningful relationship. Maybe…

The Lion King


In Disney’s continuing attempt to remake their animated classics, they have brought us The Lion King. The story has never looked so real, even though it treads familiar territory. Similar…

Oldboy (2003)


The 2003 film Oldboy (Oldeuboi), a Korean production directed by Park Chan-wook, is one of those disturbing explorations of humanity that leaves you with something akin to a post-Lynchian (good…

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Gloria Bell


April is too early to be talking about the Oscars, but sometimes a gem comes along that’s worthy of the discussion. Director Sebastián Lelio isn’t well-known to American audiences. His…