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Solo: A Star Wars Story


In the continued Hollywood landscape of expanding universes and intellectual property mining, very few franchises feel at home apart from their source material. Comic book movies have, well, their comic…



Despite the billing it has received, Hereditary is not primarily a horror film. Yes, it continues A24’s unsettling run of hybrid horror successes, along with The Witch and It Comes…



The death of one’s last remaining parent can be impactful beyond one’s expectations. For most of us, it signals the end of the generation from which we learned who we…

Take a Giant Step


“The truth is the truth and should be spoken at all times,” proclaims Grandma Martin (Estelle Hemsley), from the top of a stairwell, no less. It’s a bold mandate, especially…

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Ready Player One


We know what you’re thinking. Another Spielberg podcast? Really? Yes, two episodes after The Post we’re back for another discussion on the legendary filmmaker. But his latest outing couldn’t be more different….