Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Could there be a movie more needed in 2018 than Won’t You Be My Neighbor? As fear and tribalism reach fever pitch, we desperately need a mirror held up to our humanity. Fred Rogers was that mirror, not by pointing a finger, but by living a life of selfless love that still resonates today.

The beauty of Morgan Neville’s Neighbor is that he takes a man we thought we knew and reveals so much more. Many remember watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on childhood sofas after school, but how many were acquainted with Mr. Rogers himself? Neighbor shows us the life behind the scenes, and the journey is sublime. Fred Rogers embodied the best of what humanity can be. Even the hardest heart will walk away changed.

Join Jon and Tim as they discuss why Vince Gilligan is a genius, the hidden art of documentary filmmaking, sex-ed videos, Morgan Neville’s filmography, Tim’s apology to Paducah, KY, how kids shows have changed, the danger of false masculinity, the oppressiveness of advertising, the puppet podcast, how being nice doesn’t solve everything, why our differences matter, and the centrality of love.