Manchester by the Sea

We’ve been looking forward to Manchester by the Sea since January when it took Sundance by storm. Now, 11 months later, the film is everywhere and it was worth the wait. Writer/director Kenneth Lonergan, best known for 2000’s You Can Count on Me, has crafted a masterful meditation on grief and regret. Casey Affleck plays Lee, a man locked in the prison of the past who’s forced to face the harsh realities of the present when his brother dies and appoints him as the guardian of his son. The film is nominated for five Golden Globes including Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actor, and Best Picture.

Join Jon and Tim as they discuss why Casey Affleck is a great actor, where Manchester is, the importance of a movie’s first scene, the return of the emotional drama, why Spotlight is overrated, Lonergan’s unique style, the right way to use flashbacks, and the messiness of grief.