Poll: Should an Artist’s Sins Affect the Reception of Their Art?

Art is sacred, but artists are human. The rich poetry of the Psalms has inspired readers for thousands of years, while being written by an adulterer and a murderer. Filmmakers Woody Allen and Roman Polanski have made masterpieces, while being accused of heinous acts in their personal lives. Bill Cosby made one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, and then allegations sent his legacy into a tailspin. And now we have Nate Parker. Birth of a Nation was destined to become the movie of the year until it was revealed that Parker (the film’s writer, director, and star) was once tried and acquitted for rape.

In this month’s podcast, Jon and Tim reviewed Birth of a Nation and gave their take on the relationship between artists and their art. But those are just two voices in a debate where passionate arguments exist on both sides. For some, the revelations about Parker’s past make his film unwatchable. For others, the two can be separated. We want to hear what you think. Should an artist’s sins affect the reception of their art?

Pick your answer and leave a comment to tell us why.