Poll: How Excited Are You For Ghostbusters?

Every year for the last decade seemed to bring new talks of a third Ghostbusters movie. Dan Aykroyd worked tirelessly to get the movie off the ground. Several scripts were floated, but the consistent hold-up was Bill Murray. When Harold Ramis died in 2014, the project seemed all but dead. Then later that year, the entire concept was reimagined with an all-female crew and Paul Feig at the helm (Bridesmaids, Spy).

Now at long last, the Ghostbusters reboot is opening this Friday. Bill Murray is even making a cameo. The question is: After 27 years, how excited is everyone for a third Ghostbusters movie? Does the new cast excite you? Do you wish the old crew was back? Could you care less about any of it? We want to hear from you!

Check off your excitement level below, and then leave a comment to tell us why.