Cocaine Bear + Summer Mailbag


On a hot summer night in June, Jon Butrin drove to Kansas City, MO to visit Tim Nelson for four days. They went swimming, ate barbecue, and watched Cocaine Bear. On their last day together, they recorded this podcast. For the first time in Cinema Faith history, Jon and Tim threw out the outline and just pressed record. What followed was a rambling discussion capped off with a series of questions curated by friend of the pod Dan Baker.

Join Jon and Tim as they discuss their Kansas City visit, everything wrong with Cocaine Bear, celebrity shenanigans, The Royal’s 40’th loss, Tim’s Kung Fu obsession, the greatness of The Bear, first movie theater experiences, real-life twists, movie endings that need changing, book to film adaptations, dream careers, ultimate movie villains, and the infamous questions from Inside the Actors Studio.