Do The Right Thing

July was a difficult month for America. The shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile raised national debates about racism, police violence, and Black Lives Matter. The retaliatory shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge ushered in new layers of fear and chaos. Our nation bled from open wounds, and we are still healing.

If there is a work of art that can speak to the times we’re in, it’s Do the Right Thing. Spike Lee’s masterpiece was released 27 years ago, but it could have come out yesterday. The themes are as relevant as ever, and the movie hasn’t aged a day. Do the Right Thing is the quintessential urban film, depicting city life in all of its beauty and tension. As we see the victims of police violence flash across the screen in the credits, we realize nothing has changed. But the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X reminds us to keep fighting for a better tomorrow.

Listen to this month’s podcast as Jon and Tim discuss the classic film, Spike Lee, the American Dream, city life, community, racism, police violence, and doing the right thing.