Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


Nine years ago Guardians of the Galaxy burst on the scene like a breath of fresh air. Just as Marvel was starting to become repetitive and stale, Gunn introduced a brand new breed of superheroes who didn’t take themselves too seriously and defeated villains by dancing to the oldies. Now Gunn is back with the final installment in the franchise. Does he stick the landing?

The first two Guardians were all about Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), but this time the focus is on Rocket (Bradley Cooper). We finally see the backstory of everyone’s favorite raccoon as the story shifts between the past and a crisis in the present. The rest of the crew teams up too for one more adventure. And just like Vol. 2, the Cinema Faith crew is split down the middle.

Join Jon and Tim as they discuss differing opinions on Vol. 3, Tim’s European vacation (part two), cancelling subscriptions, the realism of talking animals, Jon’s terrible theater experience, Dan Baker’s nerd credentials, underrated voice acting, VIP AMC memberships, rare happy endings, the Cocaine Bear event, The High Evolutionary vs. the God of toxic theology, what it means to be a higher being, and the inherent worth of all creation.