What Is the Best Quentin Tarantino Movie?


We shared our thoughts on all things Tarantino in this month’s podcast. Now it’s your turn. What is the best Quentin Tarantino movie?

Can’t stand Tarantino? You’re not alone. Tell us why in the comment section below.



  • True Romance

    • I’ve been meaning to see it. Is it really better than all of the films in his canon?

    • It probably is not. From a purely cinematic viewpoint I think Pulp Fiction embodies the “best” of Tarantino’s abilities, but I still like (of the films above) Kill Bill just because of the role kung fu movies played in my childhood. But, True Romance, for no good reason, is still my favorite that he is affiliated with. There is a lot to like, but it’s definitely flawed.

      • Have you seen From Dusk Till Dawn? That’s another one of his “affiliations” I’ve been meaning to get around to.

        • I forgot about that one… yes — there’s one where Tarantino really displays his ability to write engaging dialogue (as discussed in your podcast). It was good, but I think it is probably a little overrated (where True Romance is probably underrated by comparison). The movie itself had a lot of sex appeal (literal and figurative), and it was this great story about morality, justice, and redemption in a messy way.

  • Where’s the “they’re all terrible” option?!?

    • DocRLS

      OK, that really did make me LOL.