Poll: Which Movie Should Win Best Picture?

You’ve read our Oscar picks for the big night (Part One and Part Two). Now it’s your turn. Eight films are nominated for Best Picture. Which movie most deserves the gold?

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  • Patti Dolan

    Although I haven’t seen it, I nominate Room. From everything I’ve read and imagined, it sounds like a stand alone, compelling, inspiring, emotionally charged, hair-raising film – what more could
    one need to call it? Having said that, I’m guessing it won’t stand a chance alongside The Revenant.

    • The Revenant has been the front-runner for a while, but in the last couple weeks I’ve heard buzz about an upset. Both The Big Short and Room have a legitimate chance. Best Picture could be the surprise category of the night.

    • DocRLS

      I loved Room and the way it could be seen on several different levels, but there was no movie I saw that I walked out of and said “Wow, that blew me away.” Yes, it was Bunyanesque and fantastical in many aspects (frostbite is a real thing) but the tale was told so well. And the cinematography and score — there are scenes in this movie I will remember for a long, long time. I think it deserves the Oscar.

      • I agree about the two halves of Room. They feel like two different movies. I do think the first half of Room is 2015’s best hour of film, but The Revenant is consistently excellent all the way through. I’m with you – it deserves the Oscar.