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Paris Blues


Paris Blues has many shades, but only one is visible to us: a whole crew wrote and rewrote the script, and in receiving the reports on these various drafts, there…

To the Bone


Anorexia nervosa (AN) is one of a group of associated eating disorders which remain controversial in terms of cause and treatment. The general public sees these disorders as bizarre and…

Lady MacBeth


I’ve been really into horror films lately, but not the type you might have in mind. I’m talking less about Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more Suspiria; not so much A…

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Apologia for Malick


Not that Terrence Malick needs a defense, but it seems that he has taken some heat from the forum of critics (including some of our own) as of late. This…

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2010 was the year of Kathryn Bigelow. She became the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director and her breakout indie The Hurt Locker scored a surprise win…



As Hollywood obsesses over superhero movies, power has shifted from directors to producers. Just ask Edgar Wright and Patty Jenkins — two veteran directors who dropped blockbuster projects after learning…